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How Bail Bonds Work

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The Bail Bond Process

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The purpose of bail is to allow the defendant to be released from jail until the case has been completed.  Bail may be paid in cash or a bond may be purchased from a bondsman. Once the bond has been purchased from the bondsman, the bondsman will deliver the bond to the jail or court.  The jail will then process the bond and will release the inmate to the custody of the bondsman. Once the defendant has appeared for all of their hearings and the court has completed the case, the bond is returned to the bondsman and the defendant’s obligations to the bondsman cease.

Purchasing a Bail Bond

There are two parts to the purchase of a bail bond.  The collateral portion and the premium/fee portion.


All bail bonds must be secured by collateral with a value equal to, or greater than, the amount of the bond.  Collateral can be defined as any property (real or personal) that has salable value.  After the defendant has gone to all of his/her hearings and the case is disposed (completed), the judge will order the bond exonerated and the bondsman will return the collateral to its owner.  Currently, for all bonds under $10,000 we must receive the full bail amount (paid in cash, charged on credit cards, wired, or deposited to one of our bank accounts).  For bonds greater than $10,000 we can take real estate, cash, credit card charges, wired funds or money deposited to one of our bank accounts.


All bail bonds are purchased by paying a small non-refundable premium fee (10% of the bond amount) plus any associated expenses, such as recording, storage, phone calls, and travel etc.  Our Fee Schedule is posted in our office and supplied to our clients prior to entering into an agreement.

Information we will need

The full name of the person (Defendant) in jail, including any aliases.  If the Defendant has a hyphenated name, be sure to state it.

  • Defendant’s date of birth or age.
  • Defendant’s address and phone number(s).
  • The specifics on the collateral you plan to offer as security, such as:
    • Address, parcel numbers, and listed owners of real estate.
    • Appraisals, account numbers, bank or broker phone numbers and addresses.
  • How you plan to pay the premium, i.e., cash, credit card, bank transfer, or bank deposit.  Have your account numbers ready.

* If you don’t have all your information, don’t worry, we can help you get it.

Court Information and Public Access


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Jail Information

Coconino County Jail(s):

Yavapai County Jail(s):

Navajo County Jail:

Apache County Jail:

Gila County Jail(s):

  • Payson Jail – (928) 468-2835
  • Globe Jail – (928) 425-4449

Mohave County Jail